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Important Guidelines for the Repair and Maintenance of Your Fence

The very first line of defense against thieves and wild animals attacking your home is the fence. For this reason, you have to ensure that your fence is well maintained and repaired if you wish for it to perform its function well. A fence that is well groomed will not only offer security but also present your home as attractive to people. Erecting a fence is not just enough. If you carry out routine repair and maintenance of your fence, you can be sure that it will provide service for a very long time. The following are some of the easy steps to take in maintaining the fence around your home.

Ensure that there are not insects or other animals nesting in it. Fences normally provide goods grounds for insects and other small animals to nest. They include bees, wasps, and hornets as well as small rodents. If such animals are not removed immediately; they may become risky for those who live at your home. Before you carry out any other maintenance tasks, you should check for these animals and ensure that they are gotten rid of. Doing so will guarantee protection from attack by such animals.

The next step is to identify and replace the broken parts. It’s always advisable that you either repair or replace any damaged parts of the fence as soon as you have identified them. The pickets and other parts can be damaged either by animals, natural elements or even by people who were planning on harming you. Ensure that once discovered, the broken poles are fixed immediately so as to restore security around your compound.

Painting your fence. For those who have dead fences constructed either from wood, plastic or metallic material, painting it is a sure way of protecting it from destructive animals and insects. You can also enhance the visual appeal of your homestead by painting your fence. For iron fence, application of paint provides a coating on the surface to keep away rust, thus ensuring that it lasts longer. For the wooden fences, painting prevents harmful insects from eating into the wood.

Applying chemicals to kill insects and other pests. Insecticides are chemicals that are intended to kill insects. Wooden fences are highly susceptible to attack by termites that destroy the poles. Applying the insecticides will keep it protected since such insects will be killed before they get to the wood and destroy it. This will thus ensure that your fence lasts longer.

Another way of maintaining your fence is to oil its hinges. Due to the fact that hinges are exposed to the weather, they easily get rust. Oiling the hinges will keep the rust at bay and guarantee that they function well for a long time.

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